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The Interpreter Journey

Welcome aboard

It is a pleasure to welcome a fellow interpreter into KUDO. Thank you very much for joining us. 

We've prepared an onboarding course, in seven easy chapters, to help you familiarize yourself with our platform and acquire all the knowledge you need to establish yourself as a KUDO Certified Interpreter. Please review the course curriculum below and proceed at your own pace. Be as thorough as you can, and only advance to the next chapter once you've reviewed all information and completed all steps in the previous chapter. 

Feel free to reach out to us at any point during this journey, if you have questions or need guidance. Thank you once again for your interest and your trust in KUDO.  


What's included?

1 Video
1 Quiz
27 Texts
3 PDFs
Ewandro Magalhaes
Ewandro Magalhaes
Co-Founder and VP of Communications

About the Instructor

Ewandro is a seasoned conference interpreter, with 25+ years of experience under his belt. 
As a former Chief Interpreter in the United Nations system, he stafffed, mentored and led top-shelf professionals in large conferences throughout the world. A prolific writer, trainer and speaker with a strong social media following, he has become a trend-setter among his peers. 
Ewandro has a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). He has lived and worked on three continents and speaks four languages in addition to his native Portuguese.

What others have been saying about this course:

Gabriela Rangel

Very helpful!

I was able to start, stop, start, stop, start and finish in a convenient manner. The quiz helped to reinforce some concepts, which I felt was positive too. And when I forget, I can go back and refresh my memory, which is great! Thank you!

Francesca Pizzuti

Great and user friendly

Houssem Jebali

The Interpreter Journey

I'm extremely honored to have successfully completed the Interpreter Journey. It`s been a pretty interesting and pleasant experience that is worth every single moment.

Christine Lee

Comprehensive and Easy to follow